Raising Awareness and Boosting Donations for Brain Tumour Research on Wear A Hat Day

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Inspired by staff at Macclesfield Day Nursery, we are donning hats today to boost donations and to raise awareness for Brain Tumour Research in the UK.

To Donate £5, Text “HAT” to 70450 #WearAHatDay @braintumourresearch

Unfortunately, staff at Jobling Gowler have been personally affected by this awful disease and know just how devastating the consequences can be. With over 120 different types of brain tumour, and the direct cause of them still not clear, more investment in research is needed.

Symptoms of a Brain Tumour

The symptoms of a brain tumour vary depending on the exact part of the brain affected.

Common symptoms include:

        • headaches
          • seizures (fits)
            • persistently feeling sick, being sick and drowsiness
  • mental or behavioural changes, such as memory problems or changes in personality
  • progressive weakness or paralysis on one side of the body
  • vision or speech problems

Click here for more detailed symptoms

Delays in diagnosis can hugely impact chances of survival.  If you, or a loved one, has experienced unnecessary delay in cancer treatment in the last 3 years, please do not hesitate to contact our Clinical Negligence team to express your concerns and to receive specialist advice. Call us on 01625 614 250.