CICA Criminal Injury Compensation

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a criminal assault and suffered physical, mental or sexual abuse, it is possible to bring a claim for compensation to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). The CICA is a government-run organisation and sponsored by the Ministry of Justice.

Financial compensation will never fully compensate you for the injuries you have experienced.  However, an award from CICA reflects society’s recognition that you have been a blameless victim of crime.  As a victim, you are entitled to seek compensation.

We understand that it can be daunting for you to contact a Solicitor.  At Jobling Gowler Solicitors we are experienced at working with individuals who have experienced significant trauma.  We are committed to offering you a supportive and compassionate service. We will explain the options available to you and help you to understand the process involved in making a claim.

Some people choose to make a claim without a Solicitor.  However, our experience is that the offers made by the CICA are low and can often be increased with expert assistance.  At Jobling Gowler Solicitors we have experience in bringing high-value and life-changing CICA claims on behalf of our clients.

Frequently asked questions about CICA claims

Am I eligible to make a CICA claim?

You may be entitled to make a claim if you were a blameless victim of a violent crime or assault in England, Scotland or Wales.  You may have:

  • suffered an injury, whether physically or mentally
  • lost a close relative as a result of a criminal assault
  • saw the crime happen to a loved one or were there immediately afterwards
  • paid for the funeral of someone who died as a result of a crime
  • were subject to sexual abuse (even in some cases if that abuse happened many years ago).  These cases are often called historic abuse claims.

Our specialist team offers a free initial meeting (whether over the phone or in person) to discuss your circumstances. Based on our experience and expertise in this area we will advise you whether a claim is worth pursuing.

How can I make a CICA claim?

It is possible for you to make a claim directly to the CICA.  However, it is our experience that with specialist support and advice by an expert it is possible to achieve far greater compensation.

It is necessary for you to report the crime you suffered to the police.  Usually the CICA will only consider claims made within 2 years of the incident or, if the person were under 18, usually by the time they reach 20 years of age.  It is possible for this time period to be extended in exceptional circumstances.  Such circumstances include some historic sexual abuse claims or where an applicant does not have mental capacity.

Jobling Gowler Solicitors has experience of successfully bringing historic abuse claims many years after the time period.  Furthermore, we have also helped clients to appeal initial low awards.   We have been able to secure better compensation by obtaining expert medical evidence to prove exactly how far-reaching the consequences have been for you.

What Compensation will I receive?

As a result of your injury, you may require specialist treatment or care.  You may also have experienced financial loss, such as loss of earnings.  Compensation can help ensure that you receive the help that you need.  Our specialist team are committed to ensure that we get the best settlement possible, enabling the best support package to be put in place for you.

The size of the award possible from the CICA varies depending on the seriousness of the injuries of the victim.  The maximum award possible for the injured person is £500,000.  Although the compensation will never make up for what you have experienced, our specialist team will help you to secure compensation and get the support that you need.

We understand that it can be difficult to make the first call. We promise that you will deal with a sensitive Solicitor, who will carefully take you through what happened, and will support you all the way. Please call 01625 614250 to speak to one of our experts or email us at