Funding the administration of an estate

The loss of a loved one can be a very challenging time, with many things to consider.  If you have been named as an executor in the deceased’s will, or if you are the nearest relative (if there is no will), you are responsible for the dealing with the deceased’s legal affairs.  We understand that the process of sorting out their affairs can be a complicated and often emotionally demanding time.  We therefore seek to minimise the challenges of estate administration by helping you to understand what is involved at each stage of the process.  We will keep you updated on the progress of your matter and how much time we are spending on carrying out the administration.  We will be clear with you from the outset about what you will need to pay so that you can plan.  For information about the process of Estate Administration, please click here.

If you appoint a solicitor, you will be required to pay for their advice and the time they spend working on your behalf. It is usual for our fees on probate matters to be paid for by the deceased’s estate.  Solicitors may charge you a fixed price or charge for work on an hourly rate basis. Usually there will be VAT on their fees.  There will also be some additional Probate Registry fees to pay.

Fixed Price Services

At Jobling Gowler Solicitors, we offer a number of fixed price services including a fixed price application for a Grant of Probate. These services are ideal if you would like to undertake some parts of the process yourself and would only like our help on specific matters.  Fixed price services are designed to remove the uncertainty and include all the obvious costs involved.  By selecting a fixed price service you are guaranteeing that you will pay no more for the service than you have agreed.

Full Service

There are occasions where you may prefer us to handle the full administration process for you.  On such occasions our fees are based on an hourly rate.  This is because each case can vary enormously in complexity.   Unlike a lot of other firms, we do not charge an additional fee based on the percentage of the estate.

We will discuss this with you in a free, no- obligation, 30-minute meeting to ensure that you are able to choose the most appropriate option for you.

In addition to our fees, there will be additional costs to other organisations such as the Probate Registry.  For example; you may need to obtain copy documents (e.g. copies of the Grant of Probate) or incur additional costs when dealing with particular assets (e.g. fees paid to the Land Registry in order to transfer a property from the deceased’s name into the name of the beneficiary). Where these fees are anticipated, we will always let you know in advance and inform you how much these additional costs are likely to be.

If you choose Jobling Gowler Solicitors to handle your case, your solicitor will explain all of the costs to you before any work is undertaken. This is normally confirmed in a free, initial 30-minute appointment which can be booked by calling 01625 614 250 or by completing the contact form.

How to fund probate services

It is usual for our fees on probate matters to be paid for by the deceased’s estate. Where this is not possible (if it has been identified that there are likely to be insufficient funds within the estate), we will discuss this with you at the outset.

You can rest assured that by instructing Jobling Gowler Solicitors, you will be in the best possible hands.  To read about the support we have provided to other clients in their time of need click here.

To discuss your particular circumstances and receive advice on the costs of estate administration, call 01625 614 250.

To read about the support we have provided to other clients in their time of need click

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