Hospital Negligence Claims

When you go to hospital, you put your faith in the staff there to safeguard your health and wellbeing. Any errors they make can have long-term consequences for you and your loved ones, so if you have been the victim of negligent hospital treatment, it is essential that you get the support you need to put things right.

At Jobling Gowler, we have decades of experience helping people affected by hospital negligence to claim fair compensation. This can be a confusing time and the thought of making a claim may be intimidating, but we are here to provide clear, practical guidance and sympathetic personal support, making the claims process much easier for you.

There are strict time limits, so it is important not to delay finding out whether you are eligible to make a claim. We will be happy to advise you on whether you are likely to have grounds for compensation and the entire process for doing so.

Free initial consultation

We offer a free, no obligation initial consultation for everyone considering a hospital negligence claim. This gives you a chance to tell us what you have been through and us the opportunity to talk you through your options for making a claim, including how you can fund the cost of legal representation.

Free complaint writing service

Our team provides a free complaint writing service, helping to make sure that your claim is dealt with in an expert and professional manner from the outset.

Accessible funding for your hospital negligence claim

It is entirely reasonable to worry about the cost of making a claim, which is why we offer various options for funding a hospital negligence claim, including no win, no fee agreements. This means you will be able to access our legal expertise no matter your financial situation.

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Have a question about making a claim? Take a look at our clinical negligence claims FAQs.

Our expertise with hospital negligence compensation claims

Jobling Gowler’s highly experienced team of medical negligence solicitors have a strong track record of success with hospital negligence claims.

We are able to secure substantial settlements for our clients, including for issues such as:

  • Failure to admit patients
  • Failure to order appropriate diagnostic tests
  • Incorrect interpretation of test results
  • Anaesthetic errors
  • Prescription errors
  • Misdiagnosis & late diagnosis
  • A&E negligence
  • Surgical errors
  • Negligent surgical aftercare
  • Pressure sores
  • MRSA & other hospital acquired infections
  • Birth injuries

We have achieved the Law Society’s prestigious Clinical Negligence Accreditation, reflecting our exceptional expertise and client service in this complex and specialist area. We are also members of Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA).

Take a look at our case studies to find out more about our successful claims.

How hospital negligence claims work

Free initial consultation

This might be your first time dealing with a solicitor, let alone claiming compensation, so we want you to feel completely comfortable. Your free initial consultation gives you the chance to explain your situation and ask any questions you need answered, so you know where you stand and what to expect going forwards.

Our team can then advise you on whether we think your claim justifies further investigation, explaining in more detail how this works and the various ways of funding your claim, including whether a conditional fee agreement (‘no win, no fee’) may be appropriate.

Building your claim

There are two stages to a hospital negligence claim:

  1. Investigating your claim – Looking at all of the evidence, including medical records and the results of examinations by independent experts to see if you have grounds to claim.
  2. Valuing your claim – Sometimes called ‘establishing quantum’, this involves working out exactly how much compensation you are entitled to as a result of your injuries.

During this process, we will ensure no detail is overlooked and that your claim is built carefully from the start, significantly increasing your chances of getting the compensation you deserve as quickly as possible.

Out of court settlements for hospital negligence claims

For the vast majority of hospital negligence claims, we are likely to be able to secure compensation with an out-of-court settlement. This not only allows you to avoid the stress and uncertainty of court proceedings, but also means you will usually receive compensation must faster and with lower legal fees.

Pursuing a hospital negligence claim through the courts

If court proceedings are required to get the right outcome for your claim, our litigation team can offer the experience and determination needed to give you the best possible representation and the strongest chance of securing a favourable outcome.

Time limits for hospital negligence claims

For most types of medical negligence occurring in a hospital, you will have three years to make a claim. This time limit will either be counted from when the negligence occurred or when you first became aware of it (known as the ‘date of knowledge’).

However, there are some limited circumstances where you may have longer to claim, including:

If the injured party was under 18 – You will then have until they turn 18 to bring a claim for them. Once they turn 18, they can bring their own claim up to their 21st birthday.

If the injured party lacks the mental capacity to claim – There is no time limit for someone else to claim for them.

If the injured party has died as a result of negligent treatment – You will normally have three years from the date of death to claim on behalf of their estate.

If you are unsure whether you still have time to claim, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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