Motorcycle Injury Claims

Driving on UK roads as a motorcyclist is a unique experience; one aspired to by many, both young and old. Riders often testify to the freedom and enjoyment it brings, but unfortunately also to the risks and the associated dangers.

With over one million motorbikes registered in the UK, riders equate to 1% of our total road traffic. However,  the number of motorcyclists killed on the road make up a disproportionately large 19% of the total number of fatalities. (A total of 1,713 fatalities were reported by the Government in 2013 annual report published on the 28th September 2014).

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to injury as a result of their lack of protection by comparison to car drivers. Their injuries are frequently proportionately more acute and severe. If you have been in a motorcycle accident then, to ensure the best outcome for your particular circumstances, you need a specialist solicitor. We are experienced in handling claims on behalf of injured motorcyclists. We understand the importance of responding quickly following such an accident and recognise the significance of accessing expert medical treatment promptly to give the best chance of achieving successful rehabilitation.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in the last 3 years please contact one of our motorcycle injury team who can arrange a free initial consultation with a specialist solicitor during which you can receive advice about the options available to you. The team has considerable experience in acting for clients in motorcycle injury claims and is sensitive to the fact that such injuries can have a devastating effect on lives.