Court of Protection

In situations where an individual has lost the mental capacity to make decisions, it may well be necessary for a member of his or her family , a close friend or a professional such as a solicitor, to apply to the Court of Protection to be appointed a Deputy (previously called a Receiver) for that person. The procedure involves the proposed Deputy completing an application form with supporting documents and the opinion of a medical practitioner will also be required.

Statutory Will applications can also be made through the Court of Protection. They may be required where the individuals Will is out of date or non-existent. The Court’s authority will be required to alter or create a Will for a person who lacks the capacity to make a Will themselves.

Jobling Gowler is able to offer a thorough and practical approach to all Court of Protection applications. We will provide you at the outset with full details of the Court costs and our fees. We will provide you with impartial advice and we can offer flexible appointment times, including home or hospital visits where required.

Where no one else is available to act as a Deputy for a person, our solicitors are able to apply to the Court of Protection for an order appointing them as a professional Deputy for that person.

If you wish to discuss a Court of Protection applications, then Jobling Gowler offer a free initial consultation to discuss the issues involved and the expected legal costs.

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