Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Updated July 2021

Supporting your Needs whilst Safeguarding our Staff and Clients

The Coronavirus continues to impact all our lives in 2021. Whilst restrictions have now been lifted, our clients and our community remain our priority. As the virus is still prevalent in our area, we have a duty and responsibility to ensure that our actions and behaviour do not adversely impact on the health and well-being of our staff, clients and local community.  

Current Work Practices:


A box has been made available in the external lobby to allow documents to be dropped off safely during office hours, without the need for entering the offices.

For those entering the building, a safety screen has been installed to the front of the reception desk and floor markers indicate 2m intervals.  Whilst it is no longer compulsory to wear a face covering, our staff will continue to do so.  Offices are ventilated and we are continuing to observe social distancing.   

Client Appointments

As the Covid infection rate is currently very high, we will continue to offer appointments via telephone or video, where possible.  The latter can be done using Skype or Microsoft Teams.  Face to Face meetings will only be held if essential.

If attending an appointment at our offices, we politely request that you only arrive at the time of your appointment. You are also invited to respect the safety of both our staff and other clients by wearing a face covering.

If you have any concerns about the above indications, please do speak to your solicitor. 


To restrict the number of staff in the office at any one time, our solicitors continue to share their hours between the office and working from home.  Wherever based, however, all remain available for telephone and video appointments. If you do not have your solicitor’s contact details, please call 01625 614 250. Our office staff can put you in touch directly with a solicitor or make alternative suitable arrangements.

Admin Support Team

With reduced numbers working in the office at present, the remaining staff each have their own office.  When in communal areas, all staff wear appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) – a face mask or visor must be worn.  

What to expect / Staying in touch

Please be assured that Jobling Gowler Solicitors continue to strive to deliver the best advice and customer service to you at all times. If you have any concerns about staying in touch with your solicitor, or about this Coronavirus notice, please contact Emily Raw via email at .