Orthopaedic Surgery and Treatment

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Orthopaedic Treatment

Orthopaedic medicine describes treatment of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and related nerves. Hundreds of thousands of orthopaedic procedures are completed each year in the UK. Treatment can be required in this area for conditions such as sports injuries, progressive disease, infection, muscle trauma or tumours. The complexity of issues range from treating minor fractures to replacing joints and performing fusion procedures. However, due to the significance of the musculoskeletal system in mobility, even failure to treat a minor fracture appropriately could lead to long term life-limiting damage. Fortunately, the majority of procedures delivered are successful and no issues arise. However occasionally treatment does not go as hoped, and patients can end up experiencing continued poor health or even a worsening condition as a result. Recently medical negligence cases in orthopaedics have increased in frequency, in part due to an increase in complex surgeries such as joint replacements.

Common Claims

Examples of orthopaedic medical negligence cases include:

  • a missed, delayed, or incorrect diagnosis
  • badly performed procedures or surgical errors
  • inappropriate medical advice
  • surgery performed on the wrong part of the body
  • surgery performed without proper consent
  • nerve damage during surgery
  • tendon or ligament damage during surgery
  • wrong prosthesis size
  • negligence in aftercare procedures

In severe cases, these mistakes can lead to long term mobility issues, unnecessary amputation or disorders such as compartment syndrome.

Why Make a Claim?

If you have experienced difficulties as a consequence of medical negligence in orthopaedic treatment you may be looking for advice and support. Jobling Gowler are specialists in this area and can help you to pursue a claim for medical negligence. There are many reasons people may choose to make a claim. If you have experienced medical negligence there are often additional costs which arise, such as for rehabilitation, further treatment, and loss of earnings. Making a clinical negligence claim can help you to recoup these costs as well as identify and receive further support tailored to your individual situation. The end goal of any claim is to help you to avoid further losses in an already unfortunate situation, and to return to normal life.

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Can We Help?

Jobling Gowler are your local specialist Clinical Negligence solicitors. We are here to support you if you have an orthopaedic claim. Over the years our specialist team have successfully investigated and pursued numerous claims obtaining compensation for many grateful clients to help rebuild their lives after orthopaedic negligence.

Our specialist legal advisers have a wealth of experience and a long history of successes in this area. Our expertise is independently recognised by the Legal 500 and the Chambers and Partners directory.

Have you or a loved one suffered as a result of orthopaedic medical negligence in the last three years? Our specialist medical negligence solicitors will be happy to arrange a free initial consultation. To get in touch, please call on 01625 614250 or complete the enquiries form below: