Jobling Gowler adds a new STEP member to their Private Client Team – a warm welcome to Helen Chadderton

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We are delighted to introduce you to Helen Chadderton, the most recent addition to our Private Client Team.  Helen has 17 years’ experience as a solicitor and, since 2009, specialises in Wills, Estate Administration, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Deputyship Applications and Trusts.

Starting her role here in mid-February, Helen exudes the qualities at the core of our business: her ability to put clients at ease and to build strong relationships combined with her competence in providing the best possible legal advice.   Helen’s personal service results in many returning clients and recommendations.

A member of STEP (Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners) since 2013, Helen has experience of dealing with complex and sensitive cases.

With the enforced reduction of face-to-face meetings, getting to know someone can prove tricky. We wanted to make this process a little easier so asked her the following questions:

What do you love about your chosen career?

I like being able to help.  I try to see the main issues to be dealt with and get on with dealing with those.  I also like the curve ball my area of law throws in: a case which tests your abilities; a case not previously dealt with, that through research, you resolve the matter. I like that strangers can be made to feel comfortable to tell me the most painful and personal information and I am trusted with that to give them the best advice that I possibly can. I particularly enjoy Estate Administration.  I think this is because it allows me to build a more long-term relationship with clients and their family.  I feel that my role, even at our very first meeting, is to make the client breathe a sigh of relief – knowing that I am going to make things easier for them by taking away things which they find hard or painful – and to make them feel confident that, the next time we meet, progress will have been made.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Easy! A member of the A-Team

What was your first ever job?

An Estate Agent. I took a year out after University before returning to study and completing the LPC (Legal Practice Course). 

What got you interested in becoming a solicitor?

Too many episodes of LA Law!!  I honestly thought for a long time it would be like that.  I practised Family Law alongside Private Client for many years. It was during my second maternity leave that I acknowledged that Family Law held no interest for me.  I loved helping people in matters where, whilst they could do many aspects of it themselves, they appreciated someone taking it on and just making their life easier.  I recently told a Will client that my eldest was learning about WWII.  After our appointment she relayed stories about her experiences which I passed on to my son, Harrison, and (with her permission) he shared with his class. The point of my telling this is to emphasise that in recent years, it’s the clients who make me want to remain a solicitor.  I find them to be lovely, appreciative people.

 What motivates you?

I love being able to see the issues to be dealt with and being able to get on and sort something out. 

Have you always lived in Cheshire? What do you like about living here?

Yes, I grew up in Higher Poynton so walked to the Miners Arms, Lyme Park and learnt to cycle along the Middlewood Way. All activities we now do with our boys.  My husband loves Bollington and would very much like to retire there…. I think this has something to do with the Vale Inn serving his favourite pint! 

Do you have a pet?

I had a cat growing up, but no animals for now.  We run the gauntlet at Notcutts in Woodford and try to avoid the animals there ….I fear we are losing the battle on this – our boys raise too many sound arguments about it teaching responsibility! 

Beach or Mountains? City or Countryside?

Mountains.  Our next foreign holiday would be Kitzbuhel in Austria. I would like to mountain hop on the chairlifts; my husband looking out at snow peaked mountains; the boys frolicking by the lakes and splashing in the outdoor swimming pool.  My mum has a cottage in the Lakes so this year we shall all but live there for our holidays. When the boys are a little older, I feel that the Scottish Highlands are calling us and somewhere we would like to explore. 

What do you enjoy doing outside work (with and without Covid restrictions??)

With 2 young boys (7 and 9) we have learnt that we have to be outdoors! Harrison and Heath love to cycle. Last summer I was very proud that we climbed Helvellyn in the Lakes. Post lock down restrictions, I look forward to once again meeting up with our friends and their children, driving out into the Peak District for a walk or cycle and catching up or meeting up in a friend’s garden and dancing to “Alexa”. 

What have you learnt during the Pandemic?

The importance of friends and realising how strong those friendships are.  Also, the importance of taking back some time for myself.


If you would like to speak to Helen regarding any of her specialist areas – Wills, Estate Administration, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Deputyship Applications or setting up a Trust – please do not hesitate to get in touch by contacting the office on 01625 614 250 or by emailing We offer a free of charge 30 minute consultation to discuss your individual requirements.