The Importance of Early Diagnosis

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Early Diagnosis:

We all dread hearing that we or a loved one are suffering from cancer. Time and again we are reminded of the importance of early diagnosis. Most recently, for example, the news of failure to invite some UK women to a regular screening for early detection of breast cancer received significant media attention. Failing to catch disease early on can add more stress to what would already be an incredibly difficult time for you and your family.

There are many processes which need to work together in order to get you from doctor’s appointment to treatment as fast as possible. What if there is a delay in getting referrals for an examination? Or hospital medical staff experience delays in reaching a diagnosis? Or the course of treatment does not start as soon as it could? Waiting for too long at any of these stages certainly reduces the chances of treatment success. This could result in worse health outcomes for you, or cause you to need different types of treatment. If you have experienced unnecessary delay in cancer treatment, you or your loved one may wish to investigate a claim for medical negligence.

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Jobling Gowler are specialist Clinical Negligence solicitors. We have the skill and expertise to deal with cancer claims. Our team of expert solicitors have investigated many claims which resulted in compensation for clients on account of negligent delay.

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