The Effects of Brain Injury

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Brain Injury

The effects of brain injury can be devastating. Brain injuries can arise for many reasons but occasionally they are the result of negligence on the part of medical staff in diagnosis and treatment. Failure to recognise and treat symptoms of stroke, haemorrhage or other medical conditions which can lead to these injuries can result in catastrophic brain injury to the patient.  Many require intensive rehabilitation and some will never regain the level of independence they once enjoyed. Some patients may even die.

The sudden and dramatic change in someone who suffers unexpected brain injury are particularly stressful for patients and their family. This can be particularly traumatic when the injury may be the result of clinical negligence. We can help if you or a loved one are concerned about brain injuries resulting from clinical negligence.Close-up of medical staff pocket, with stationary and stethoscope

Can we help?

Jobling Gowler are your local specialist Clinical Negligence solicitors. We understand the extreme sensitivity needed to deal with brain injury claims. Our team of specialist solicitors have successfully investigated and pursued many such claims resulting in significant compensation for clients to help them and their families rebuild their lives after brain injury.

Have you or a loved one have suffered unnecessarily as a result of negligence in the last 3 years? Please contact one of our specialist medical negligence solicitors today who will be happy to arrange an initial free consultation.  Please call 01625 614250 or complete the enquiries form below: